A Rat sees a Cat as its greatest enemy, therefore, at every given opportunity the Rat will always talk bad of the Cat.
Now 5 Princes and some members of the Cat family have joined the Rat family and the Rat is welcoming them.
Very soon they will crossbreed and there will be lots of problem in the Rat family and the Green Nation come 2015.
Fight for power will start, integrity will be lost, progressiveness will become regressiveness.
Y add black wit white


Good to Good

Let us be good
Good in our time
For here, like tenants
In thatched huts, we dwell
In unrest market, we trade

Let us be good
Good in our ways
For here, like flowers
At sunrise, we blossom
At evening sunset, we fall

Let us do good
Good in all we do
For a day, like a child
We were born, to the worldly Earth
And so a day, we shall die
A farewell to the Earth world

The Chosen One!

 “Come for I have chosen you to lead my people to the promise land, d land of aboundance” said God to Moses in Exodus3:10, same he said to me, with the joy of the world on my shoulder.
How possible is this I thought like Moses, but He said “For I will be with you and this will serve as an evidence, you will serve me with all you have, bringing nations to worship Me” then I know that He has chosen me and that He loves me.
He single handedly chose me to be the saviour of our nation. Like He chose David He chose me. Men may not see because men look at the face but God look into the mind. My countenance spoke well. I have dreams to be fulfiled.
Everyday, I ask for more grace and guidance. I’m THE CHOSEN ONE OF GOD! 

My phil

I’ve got hope, hope indeed
I’ve got life, yes in aboundant
I’m destined to succeed, good success
…all this I know that’s why I’m happy.
I have feeling for those who look hopeless, people who are in trouble, people who find it difficult to define the mysterious world, who don’t know how beautiful life is. That’s why
yes that’s why I show them love and care, I let them know if no one cares I care. I prefer to be with them than dine with the president, I learn from them and love to listen to thier heavy mind. Doing this I’m so pleased.
Atleast if everyone is given hope and loved, all will be happy and the world will be a better place for all.

What they need.

I luv d ladies, yes I love them
I love the ladies not just because of what they carry but because of what I carry
i love the ladies not because of what I want to get from them but because of what I want to give them
they are the weaker vessel with a weak emotion but I’ve got a heart of love,
they get confused easily but I’m here to lead them right.
A lady needs to be happy always so as to achieve her goals, they need an encouraging voice always. When they’re hurt, you see it in thier face. Women are the hope of continuity of life.
A woman need attention, protect her, show her love and Life will be good!

How much I care

I feel sad wen I show dem d way n dey ply d bush
I feel hurt wen I tell d truth n dey embrace lies
I feel depressed wen I raise dem high but dey would like to be on the ground and be trampled upon
My eyes soak wen i giv dem wise counsel but dey ar enticed by d words of a fool
My heart is heavy wen I show dem luv in abundant but dey run after those who hate dem.
But how……
But where……..
But when………
……will dey learn to do the right one.
Oh Lord pls, pls Lord help me guide dem n turn thier heart to d truth. Don’t let dem learn d hard way because I still luv n pray for them. Amen

Nigeria we hail

Fela said “if your condition still dey make you shake n you no dey act as you dey feel, make you open your 2ears very well and start to act as you dey feel. One day you self go gree wit me, remember if you no act ur own one day of course we must die”
You feel Nigeria should be a great Nation where there’s everything needed by the citizens. You feel in yourself ways of making Nigeria great and you hope for it.
Nothing will happen until you start to act the way you feel and work in your own power to make Nigeria a better place.
Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress