I always luv to give, I love to give to those who don’t have, those who will heartly appreciate what I gave.
But I don’t want to give to a person who doesn’t really need my help or somebody who won’t make good use of what I gave to him, neither do I love to give to those who will always ask (born beggers).
This days I come across people who asks me for money but I end up not giving them without me filling guilty because I know most them, but today a young man of about 30years approached me warmly to ask for just #50, though I have it I turned him down immediately thinking he’s one of the street boys that will end up using the money to smoke. But as I moved forward I asked myself, “what if I get stranded one day and I have to beg people for money?” I can’t still answer the question.
A yoruba proverb say, “eniyan buburu ti ba eniyan rere je” the bad person has spoilt to good ones. I’ll only give in this kind of condition if I’m able to ask the needy some questions.
I really love to give even when I don’t have but I don’t like to be tricked or fooled



Oh ye murders,
I can see you sharpen your knives,
only to do what you always do,
only to do what you’ll never take,
but we take our fate,
because we know that a day will come when you will join us in the land you’re sending us to,
but have you ever think of which side of the land you will end up,
please prepare for the better side of the land,
hope to see you again!

The Fowl you killed on Xmas


Life is in stages, do you feel likewise. What I was then is not what I am now, what I do then is not what I can do now.
When I was young, I was good at pushing tyre around the street, I can recollect that non of my mates can defeat me in a tyre race. But I knew how life as changed today when I was asked to push a tyre to the vulcarnizer’s shop for repair. It’s a very big task now, I was sweating like a christmas goat with my back aching seriously; I’ll never want to do that again.
I love playing football, I dreamt of becoming a footballer, I can play football all day long, I’ll have fever if I fail to play football in a day, those were in my primary and secondary school days. When I played football in september (after like seven months of touching a ball), I was able to play for just five minute because I was panting heavily, I drank about a half bag of purewater and rested for about 2hours before I could move around. I couldn’t believe, things has really changed
Grandma’s younger brother came to visit her on sunday, both of them were gisting and happy to be together again. When mama and I were discoursing about it yesterday, I began to think in my mind. “when I was much younger, my parents, my siblings and I do live in the same house, we do things together everyday. But now, my eldest sister is now married, my older siblings and I are in higher institution, we only spend like 3months together in a year. Soon, Very soon, we’ll all be on our own with our various families, then we’ll see each other for little time, maybe once in two years, then, life will really be changed.”
Do you think this will continue forever? No, that which is here today will not be tomorrow, that which you have, do, eat, or drink today you may not tomorrow, because life is in stages, it’s a process.
Whatever we do today a history tomorrow, therefore make d best out of today because tomorrow will be different.

Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl?
She asks herself;
“in my eyes so tender,
I view nature in blossom.
But I can’t tell,
who’s that girl”

Who’s that girl?
Talking by herself
lonely and meek in thought;
thinking of a great kingdom;
but they say
she’s being naive.

Who’s that girl?
But no one to tell
he came with bitter like sweet
just in trade of her flower.
Yet she knows not
who’s that girl

Then I shouted
you are that girl;
a Queen and priceless jewel
clothed with your colour which is life, with your form which is beauty
that girl, a diamond kept in treasury
in you we stand
‘cos in you lies nations
Raise your head high,
‘cos now you know
who this girl is.