So beautiful you’re, beauty of my heart you’re, you introduce beauty to me in a different way, with you I can say I have beauty. I can’t just find a beautiful gem like you else where, even if I climb the highest mountain or search the dippest oceans I can never find one like you. You’re so special to me, Yes so special is your beauty, special jewel.
Everytime, I think in my heart how do I keep you always, how to I make you mine always, how do I pay for the Love you have for me, how do I thank you for your heart that you’ve given to me, for the joy and gift of LOVE, you worth more than anything I can give. But in return of your good love for me, I’LL GIVE YOU MY HEART, MY LOVE, MY TIME and MY EVERYTHING! I’ll love you more
Dear, hold my hand and come with me to the LAND OF LOVE, come with me to the EMPIRE I’m building, a KINGDOM for you and I. There we’ll share greater LOVE. In the land, we’ll walk in hand in my beautiful garden, viewing nature in full bloom, nature telling us true story of Love We shall Kiss in d VALLEY OF JOY and enter the COAT OF LOVE to keep us warm. And on the LOVE MOUNTAIN we shall lay on the grass dew wet. I’ll lay on you first to give you ORGASM and I’ll let u lay on me to give you JOY, REST and PEACE.
The day will pass with your Love Voice ringing in my ears, your Love touch felt in my skin, your Love beauty seen in my eyes, your Love fragrance in my nose and your Love kiss sweets my tongue. Wherever you go I go and you do I do. We’ll be together with nothing to keep us away.
I love you my heart!
i LOVE you my jewel!
i love YOU my dear!
i love you MY love!
i love you my QUEEN!!!



What else can I do?
I never know she is existing,
I never know we ll meet,
I never know……
not until we met in a new land
knowing that we’re the same, I showed her the love of blood the luv of lineage
I took her like I know her from birth, like we live together from birth
I gave to satisfy her
but as I try she never know it
but as I try to protect her, she tells me I’m disturbing her and she can live her life
her case put a knife on my neck
as I try harder she fights for age
i became so tired that I left her to her ways, but I can see the difference……………….
the very big difference between a dog in the house of a man and a dog in the den of a lion.
I wasn’t suprised to see the heavy woman but felt for my name that will be mentioned and the laughs that will enter my ears
i’m sad seeing her as one of the ladies been pointed and laughed. I love her so much but she’ll never explain to me and I may never ask her.

Sorry dear readers, sorry for leaving you confused but that’s how it happened. I am the “I” and she is the “she”. Forget the person concern and learn a lesson from these! uhm