When everything look dark and void
All I see is the rainbow in your eyes
And the fleshy teeth behind your glossy lips
Lips that touch my heart when we kiss

^And I would that you realise,
No greater Love had woman
From man than the one I have for you^
^^8-10 OLOKUN by J.P. Clark


Nigeria Awao

Awake O Awake
Awake O Nigeria Awao*
Awake, kiss and hold your land to be fruitful again

Awake O Nigeria our own
Kiss your Virgins again
Feed us like you fed our fathers
Rise, think and work for your starving children

Awake O Nigeria like old
Flow with milk and honey like Israel
What gave you name, let it come to your land again

Awake, Dear Nigeria
Husband of Mama Africa
Protect you seeds and fight for your black sisters
with your shield and fist
make your land good and peaceful

Nigeria Awao
Sweet dear our own
We demand thy love
We need thy growth
And we pray thy peace.
*AWAO means haste


Makedate make a date
A date to make a lovely play
A play we make on a lovely lane
A lane that leads the way to lovers heart

Mada rode the lovely lane on a kete
Like the groom lift the veil of a waiting bride
Makedate make a date
A date of love with care!