No one is good, no one is bad.

Though I’m in my early twenties, I have found out that no one in the world is his/her true self. We all are what we are today as a result of some changes that as occurred thereby creating a new us. With this, I have concluded that no one is good and no one is bad, we are this because of some external factors.
The biblical record told us that male and female He made them, and science proves that the same way I was born you are born. This show that all human are the same and equal. We all have blood running in our veins.
At birth, we are our true self with a pure and innocent heart but as we grow we added and deleted some things about ourselves. Now let’s take the bull by the horn, going into the topic without taking bends.

I did some study about my behaviour and temperament and other peoples own, I paid a lot attention to the way people react to each other and how relationships are been built. The book “why you act the way you do” really helped me to understand people’s temperament. This book really showed me the strength and weakness of everyone around me (the choleric, sharp, want things done right but he always thinks he alone is right while a phlegmatic who is cool and rich in thought may not act his dreams until he is pushed). I learnt that no one is complete.

We often find ourselves pointing at a bad man, but let’s ask this question “is this man all bad?” No is definitely the answer, for that man is better than you in several ways. He may be a thief but won’t talk bad of a neighbour and there you are gossiping but playing holy because you don’t steal or you’ve not gotten the opportunity. So many of things like this; gentle but lazy, faithful to a lover but drinks/smokes, dirty but caring, etc. It goes on, you can pick which is your bad and which is your good and start to work on them.

Now you can see that no one is bad and none is good, we are a result of what we do to ourselves. So don’t cry on your bad neither you rejoice on the good but keep working on yourself until you are better than yesterday, and don’t curse the other man for his bad but help and encourage him become a better person. No one is GOOD no one is BAD!

I will change one, one change two until we have the world we crave
Future Goal Foundation