No one is beautiful and no one is ugly

Sitting gently in the lecture hall on a monday morning, waiting and preparing for the work of the day. The class was looking more calm than ever before, everyone sat with an expectant face, waiting to listen to the mathematical magic of Prof E Z Ekutamo popularly called ‘ifaeze’ by the students.

Sitting beside me on the right is my best female friend, an intelligent lady Eunice. Eunice is a young beautiful (though I’m the only one who acknowledge her beauty) and God fearing lady. Eunice is a typical saint union (suegbe union as people say) with her long plitted skirt and a freyard blouse (not minding colours nor trying to look attractive), natural, wool/thread made hair, no make-up, no earrings and her scarf tightened on her ears. Eunice is quiet and has no friend apart from her church members and I (I’m her friend only because I join her in reading the Bible and she also explain some difficult courses to me).

Sitting at my left is Olufela, my best male friend. Ah Olufela ‘okurin meta’, Olufela is a young handsome guy who pays attention to what he wears and says. He is fashion oriented, chooses his clothes, shoes, jeweries and colours in style. He is the man in the heart of so many ladies and even guys want to walk and hang out with him. Olufela speaks fluently with great humour, he is always on top of the world. Olufela and I attend the same church and live in the same room, he is a born again christian and love God so much, he can give all he has to the work of God. He sings well in the choir and also plays keyboard and bass guitar. He is the best worshipper and prayerman I’ve ever been with. Olufela challenges me in everything, he is just too good.

Still sitting and waiting for ‘ifaeze’ the lecturer to come, 20minutes gone now and the class is loosing its calmness. Eunice is reading a book ‘saying no to the things of the world’ and Olufela is busy with people coming around to see what he is wearing today as I look on. Students start to peep through the window to see if Ifaeze is coming.

My eyes was directed to the door as something colourful and beautiful came in. It is Jessica, Jessica was voted as the most beautiful lady last session (I did not vote for her). Jessica is well dressed in a pink short gown, the sleeveless gown brought out an attractive figure 8 shape. She wears a beautiful silver shoe and her handbag complements her style. Her brazilian hair and eyelashes are well fixed. Her make-up is so good than I can’t describe, it is really colourful and attractive. All eyes was on her, well dressed guys went forward to give her a hug.

Jessica is really beautiful but I won’t agree with what people say “jessica is beautiful but Eunice is not”. I gave a close look at Jessica and Eunice again.

Eunice has a round face, white teeth, natural pink lips, pointed noise, clean eyeballs, well layed eye brow and eye lashes. One of the things I like about Eunice body is her bursts and hips (I dear not tell her), her straight legs and fingers remind me of eden beauty. Her virgin hair is full, black and long (though not well plait) and her skin is smooth.

Jessica is coming closer to my seat, I guess she is come to give me a peck after missing me over the weekends. I was able to see her very well than ever before, she now looks real but attractive. Jessica has an oval shaped face, flat nose, bad arrangement of semi-white teeth, small lips and small ears. She has a long chin and her eyes are just too big for her socket. Jessica has a set of big breast and her hips though moderate but too low for my liking, her flat stomach make her look like a model. Jessica has long beautiful legs but they are bent with knocking knees (though she manages this well), her arms are more beautiful than Eunice’s. Jessica has a light smooth skin but her knee, elbow and finger-joints are dark. My love for colours makes me love Jessica.

Jessica came closer, gave me a hug and then a cool peck (it was indeed cool with a red ‘O’ on my cheek), Eunice looked at me with pity and said, “may God forgive you”, reluctantly, I said amen. Then I asked myself a big question “is Jessica really beautiful, is Eunice a ugly lady?”, immediately the answer dropped in my heart “no one is beautiful, no one is ugly, we are what we are because of the values we add or remove from our body”. I became more confused though that answer is just the truth. Unconsciously, I said to Eunice “you are very beautiful” she was very surprised, she opened her mouth but words failed to come. I realised what I said when I saw her opened mouth, I was shocked and afraid, in defence I called her attention to the class rep. who just entered the lecture hall.

Tunde is the class rep and the most brilliant boy of our set. He has been on top of the class from 100level. People admire him only for his brilliance but not his physical appearance. Tunde is a short, dark young man, he pays no attention to fashion. Tunde can wear anything as far as it covers his body and he is mindless of colours. Tunde is not concerned with fashion but his study, he even skips food for study time.
Today, Tunde is looking corporate in his own way, He is wearing a royal blue cheque shirt on a white stripped green trouser (which is big for him), a brown belt and a pair of black sandals. His hair is rough and I doubt him using body cream today (probably he left the hostel very early to read and prepare for the class).

I looked at Olufela and then at Tunde, Olufela is a complete perfect young man with a well designed body and outfit but Tunde is looking just too rough, I think he would have been better if he can pay a little attention to his body and what he wears. Only if he could balance academics with life, he will atleast look good and attractive. Yet my heart rings “no one is beautiful, no one is ugly, we are what we are because of the values we add or remove from our body”.

The whole class became silent as Tunde mount the podium, 1hour 20minutes was gone out of the 2hours lecture. “where is Ifaeze?” the class shouted. Tunde said, “good morning fellow student, I went to Ifaeze’s office but it was locked, I tried calling his phone but it wasn’t reachable, so I went to the Head of Department’s office to ask of him. There I had wait for some minutes before I was attended to by the secretary to the HOD. When I told her I was to looking for Prof E Z Ekutamo, I was totally disappointed when she told me that Ifaeze had to travel out of the country yesterday night to attend the project defence of a Phd student of Oxford University which will hold latter today. He sent his appology through the secretary and said we should prepared for a four hours lecture the following monday”. Everyone shouted in annoyance.

Everyone is disappointed but I am fulfilled, I learnt a lesson that “no one is beautiful, no one is ugly, we are what we are because of the values we add or remove from our body”. I carefully looked at Eunice, I can see lots of questions in her heart for me. Uhm what will she ask me when we are alone, why did I say what I said, my heart beat faster than normal.

Uhm, “no one is beautiful, no one is ugly, we are what we are because of the values we add or remove from our body”.