I can’t really say with precision how the world goes but I know this for sure, there is always a start and a finish, a beginning and an end. A day for everything, a day of birth and of death, the words of the preacher man in Biblical Ecclesiastic.
Mama pulled up her blouse, looking at her belly I wonder, I wonder how possible it was to be camped in there for 9months. The pictures of little me in their hands left me thinking of my present body size.
Mummie and Daddie are in their late 40s, grandma can’t walk alone again, she needs me to hold her hands for a walk. Uhm, our neighbour, Pa Awoyemi just died, he’s lying still in the coffin, he will be lowered into the earth and we won’t see him again. My question is, “did he start the way I started and will I end the way he did?”
See, from nothing man came, beyond the wisdom of man. From nothing the earth started, from earth man was made. Every man will return to the earth and the earth shall return to nothing. So, you should realize that you started from nothing and then metamorphos through all stages of life. Answering the call of heaven, you will go back to the earth and the earth goes to nothing.
Your question should be, “what will happen to me next, why will I live like I own the world, what will my end be like, what end of the card will I pass down, which side of the road will I end up, why will I live against the will of He who made everything from nothing?” Vanity upon vanity all end to nothing. Just from Nothing to Nothing!