The Caring Duck

Who says animals are lesser than man, who says animals don’t do as much as man, maybe you need to see what I saw on my way from Iwoye-ketu to Abeokuta.

With science, animals and man do not differ as they are made up of the same components. Psychology put them in different class, man a higher and able to reason being and animals lower with less ability to reason. To me I see no difference in the two neither is one greater nor better than the other. Each has its purpose and way of life.

Animals have families, mothering ability and also take responsibility for each other. Several times I have seen a nursing hen break grain for its chicks. The care of an antelope to its new born (carrying it in the pocket below the belly) is greater than that of a barren woman who finally gave birth. A lion will do all it can to provide for its pride. All this is equal or far greater than the way of man. What I saw today is far touching than all this…………

Coming from the border town of Iwoye-ketu and going to Abeokuta, I saw a show of love and heart touching occurrence as we entered the town of Imeko, Ogun State. A duck was lying in the middle of the road helpless and about to die after been crushed by a passing vehicle. The black and white blood stained duck is hopeless and probably saying its last prayer. Beside this dying duck is another duck of same size, this duck shows a sense of love and care as it stood with the dying duck, pulling it up with its beak not afraid of being in the middle of the road. If possible this duke would have taken the dying duck to the hospital. I can feel the sadness and pain in the heart of this duck, it was crying from within saying, “please stand up, I know you are crushed but I believe you can still make it. Please stand up, don’t leave me alone, I won’t be able to do anything without you, I can’t live if you don’t live. Please stand up, let’s go find help, please don’t die, please stand up.” The pain was so much that every sane man and vehicles had to stop and pay respect and show pity for the two ducks.

This kind of love and care I have never seen before even with man. The only one who had shown this kind of love is Jesus Christ. This is a great show of love. I was touched to the heart.

Respect the animals too, you are not better than them. Man has his world and animals have their world too, we are just made to live on the earth together.


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