The just concluded 2015 general election is an election that will always live on in the minds of Nigerians, firstly for the CHANGE in POWER, secondly, the patriotic acceptance of defeat and thirdly for the action movies of words accusation and with the win at all cost syndrome. This election got the attention of everyone in the nation. But still, if everyone is being asked to give his report, we will have different report though they might be the same direction.

My own report on this election is what I call “Electionation de’ bizness” that is, “business of election in our nation”.

The federal Government spend so much through the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, to register voter and provide Permanent Voters Card(PVC), to purchase card readers and also to get capable and good amount of people in other to have a free, fair successful election.

The 2015 General election from my own view is the most expensive election. Starting for the huge amount of money paid by politicians to obtain nomination forms in their parties and the awareness for their primary elections.
More than ever before, the campaign process engulf so much money that I became afraid that if this people finally gets there, they would steal all our money to refund what they have spent. Lots of donations were made, both home and abroad. Campaign rally was all of energy and money. People where paid just for coming to the venue of the rally (I also got my share). All hungry Nigerians were happy few days to the election because almost all the streets of the country were filled with foods like rice, gari, beans, vegetable oil, etc, which were been given out by politicians contesting for a post or another.

On the election days, a new set of business started, even negotiations were involved. You will find political agents and the electorates bargaining over prices and votes. Without belonging to any political party and depending on the polling unit and bargaining power of an individual, an electorate made between 500 Naira to 10000 Naira. Don’t get it wrong, ‘people did not sell their votes’, they only collected money for coming to the polling centres from as many parties as possible. It was really a good business day as negotiation and shouting over money was seen at many location. This is what they do, they come to you, tell you to vote for their party and then pay you or write down your name to pay you later.

‘Electionation de’ biznes’, I wish every day in nigeria is election day, when you could earn an amount of money that is more than the daily minimum wage. It was just a cool business, money was highly involved.

The 2015 General Election in nigeria has come and gone. Free and fair to some people and to some a corrupted exercise. We all hope that a day will come when our election will be held to the satisfaction of everyone and that we will someday have an election like the 2015 Election in the United Kingdom.

Electionation …………………the CHANGE of POWER.