JUNE 3rd God For Me

For the Lord’s on my side
So he help me to be fine
Even times when I’m sad
He will always bring back joy

Since the time I was born
Holy Lord leave me not
Everyday as I grow
Holy Lord guide me yet

For The Lord is my strength
From a milkler to a youth
Even when trouble comes
Mighty God keeps me safe

For The Lord hears my pray’rs
So I’ve come to give Him praise
And as long as I live
I will always worship Him
And for The Lord’s on my side
I will never go down low
(written by me on June 3rd, 2012)aa.jpg


The End of a Year, The Beginning of a Year

A year has 365•25 days, it has a beginning and an end though constant, it varies with each person.

This is the end of a year that started like normal, with little singing of songs of a new year. I started the year so happily because I gave myself a nice treatment and graced my outfit with smile all through the day. I was alone that day but on top of the world, feeling so glad to have seen yet another year.

The plans for the year which I made gave me enough to do and added to my life. I planned to become better in academics, finance, politics, public speaking, human relation, love, leadership and spiritual life. I was ready for a new face of life, I got all hands on deck, got prepared for the work before me. (When I was making the plans I had little knowledge of how to get to where I was going). The previous year helped me prepare the plan for the coming year.

The dream was heavy and blur, my plans look so tasking. I tried all I could that I arrived at this present point. I got a little higher in my grades and finance, I got more rooted into public speaking (I got to talk in events and added to people one on one), leadership, human relation and politics, love in me with a better spiritual life. It’s a year of more success than failure.

It’s the end of a year that leads me to a new year, reminding me and the world of the day I came to act the perfect plan of God. I gave my first smile, the first cry and all the good tidings came my home.

It’s a new year again, a new plan made. When I was thinking about this year, considering my age I said, “it’s a year when I need to rise, not to walk but fly at the pace of an eagle if I’ll need to have a successful year, a bright future. I have to break all addictions that leads to destruction, for it’s a year that leads more to my golden dream of an Eden home.

It’s a new year, it’s a birthday for me and a place for more. There’s so much I could say before I start the year but I know it’s a new bright year that brings alive the hope of Eden home.

Birthday’s Eve Midnight

Now the bells are tolling
A year is dead.
And my heart is slowly beating
the Nunc Dimittis, the last prayer
to all my hopes and mute
yearning of a year
dream beyond dream

Dream beyond dream
mingling with the dying bell-sounds
the year’s dying dreams fading
into memories and gone
like rain drops
Falling into an ocean.

And now the bells are chiming
A year born dancing.
And my birth-bell is ringing
with joy in a dawn.
But it’s shrouded things I see
dimly stride
on heart-canopied paths
to a riverside.

There’s so much I could say
before I turn to change
all the memories of yesteryear
to the dreams of the year to come.
Dream beyond dream
Hope of a year
Gabriel Okara’s New Year’s Eve Midnight.