Samuel: I am SAMUEL, I’m in my early 20s.
Rachael: I am RACHAEL, I’m in my early 20s too
Samuel: we are all new here and everyone is meeting new people as new friends were made.
Rachael: This is a new land, “I’ll be meeting new people and new friends will be made here”.
Samuel: My house is located in an area where about ten of my female reside. I went around chatting with the ladies living close to my house and to check on a lady I knew briefly. It is always nice to visit the ladies.
Rachael: My house is occupied by ladies only. We got to know each other as people came around to visit us.
Samuel: A trim lady in one of the female houses I visited caught my attention. Her name is RACHAEL. But I looked on, not giving her any special attention. I left when I have had a nice visit.
Rachael: it was a really busy day meeting new people, arranging the room. I was very busy and very tired.
Samuel: I went to the house again the following day. As we were chatting, my attention got stucked to Rachael. And like play, I started the move, I was disturbing her and I won’t just let her be. I was just trying to catch fun as I started telling her sweet words, kneeling before her, telling her I love her and that I want her to be my wife. Everybody around were laughing to the comedy but she was boiling with anger, she said I was embarrassing her and that I should stop the nonsense I was doing.
Rachael: It was a very bad day for me as this guy who called his name Samuel kept on disturbing me. I was totally embarrassed and angry. I just don’t know why I didn’t slap him. I slept sad that day because everyone was just laughing when I was angry.
Samuel: I was only joking but I was serious in the comedy for the next five days but she never like it for once.
Rachael: This guy kept on disturbing me for the next five days. I tried all I could to avoid him but he always get his way to come to me.
Samuel: Time passed and we started talking. She told me how much I annoy her whenever I disturbed her, I apologised and we started knowing each other properly.
Rachael: I just don’t know how it happened but I see both of us sitting together to talk about each other.
Samuel: Now my joke was turning out to be real, as I started loving her. I spent quality time chatting with her. Every night, we sat outside in the cold to talk about ourselves and other things. My day was never complete without sitting outside and talking with her.
Rachael: This guy sha, I just don’t know how he got me chatting with him everytime. I would sit beside him outside the house, I would be cold yet I would not stand up and go in. I did not know what was happening but I was very sure I did not love him then.
Samuel: I got more serious, loved her more and spend more time with her, yet I knew I was not doing all this to date her, I was just try to keep a friend. We always stay outside for more than 2hours, but her room mate DORCAS, will always come and tell her it was time to sleep (I guessed she was lonely and wanted somebody around). I hate her anytime she came out to disturb us. I needed to do something fast to stop her from disturbing our fun.
Rachael: I was very fast to understand him and he knows things about me even when I haven’t told him. We’re always happy to be together. Everytime Dorcas came out to disturb us, I would see the anger and sadness in his face. He always want to be with me as I also want to be with him.
Samuel: KOLAWOLE is my friend and roommate, He had just arrived here. He’s a sharp guy and someone I can talk to. He is the solution to my recent problem.
Rachael: I don’t have any special feeling for Samuel, I even told him I have a boyfriend. But I wished my roommate will just get someone to keep her busy whenever I’m with Samuel.
Samuel: Kolawole is the set man to keep Dorcas busy. I gave him the job and he played his part perfectly. He always make her feel in love, that soon she forgot about Rachael and I. Thus we had all the nights together to our satisfaction.
Rachael: When I saw how close Kolawole was with my roommate and how much she enjoyed his company, I suspected it was the hand work of Samuel. But I really like the fact that no one will disturb my time with samuel again.
Samuel: Kolawole did his job perfectly, I guess he was trained for that kind of a job.
Rachael: My roommate now sleeps late, she just want to be with Kolawole. What a nice thing.
Samuel: Time passed, Rachael and I got more closer, people around concluded we’ve started dating. Some guys started coming around to check on her, and people started calling her the most sought after in her house. Though I didn’t like it when a guy comes to check on her, I just don’t like seeing her talk to another guy, though I was very sure within me that I didn’t want her for anything more than a friend. I told her I was not in any relationship and she said she was. I was satisfied with that because I know the so called boyfriend is faraway.
Rachael: His eyes chucks anytime he sees me with another guy. He keeps quiet and moody when I talk to other guys. But he didn’t show me he wanted any other thing from me and I don’t even want any relationship.
Samuel: My best time is when we are together. Soon I started noting somethings I don’t like about her, she was bossy, get annoyed easily and loves nagging.
Rachael: We started fighting because he always do things that annoys me, sometimes his words are too hard for me to bear. He’ll disturb me even when I want to be alone.
Samuel: I always have a sadden and troubled heart when I have to leave her place when she is angry. I always feel ashamed because I don’t know how not to offend her.
Rachael: I sleep with a bitter and heavy heart whenever things are not going fine between us
Samuel: Kolawole is our middleman, he stands between us and reconnect us whenever we are having issues.
Rachael: Kolawole is our middleman and I love him as our friend. I always like to talk to him whenever Samuel offends me. He always settle things for us and I know he loves me as his sister.
Kolawole: Samuel and Rachael are one of my clients (that’s what I call them). They are two wonderful people I really enjoyed working with. When they are playing happily, they are on top of the world and they need no distractions, and anytime they quarrel, the best thing I do is to pay no attention to them at the moment (I learnt that in a relationship management course that I did).
Rachael: Though I always want Samuel around me, but he’ll always do things that makes me angry.
Kolawole: whenever they have issues, Samuel comes to me to tell me about what he has done to get Rachael annoyed. I do advice him on what to do and take the turn of talking to Rachael(she always listen to me).
Rachael: Anytime Kolawole talks to me and Samuel apologises, we settle things and then go on with our normal ways (I discovered that people around are always glad to see us quarrel).
Samuel: I became more careful not to offend her but the more I tried, the more I offended her and the more she picks offences. But she loves me and cares about me.
Rachael: He loves me and also cares but we were not dating, we are only friends. Some guys who were interested in getting close to me ran because of my closeness to Samuel.
Samuel: Like I do not want to see her with other guys, she doesn’t want to see me with any lady too.
Kolawole: I would not want to talk so much about my time with Dorcas, because I was not interested in her, I was only doing a business (my job). Samuel and Rachael are getting well together, they fight and settle as they enjoy their friendship.
Samuel: something happened one day, it was something that will later determine where our relationship is heading to. Rachael was not just happy and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. I guess something was disturbing her.
Rachael: I did not want to talk to anyone not even Samuel nor Kolawole
Samuel: I tried to make her talk but she was not ready to
Kolawole: I tried to talk to her but all she said was that she was not in the mood to talk to Samuel
Samuel: I was surprised when I saw her dressed so gorgeous for a party, she was happy but won’t talk to me still. At that moment I started hating her, I wanted to know what she was up to. I went to the party to spy on her and then left after some minute. The report getting to me was that she was the happiest lady in that party as she danced heavily and freely, I was disappointed and thinking of what I had done to deserve what she did.
Rachael: I had a nice time at the party and I also met a new guy, his name is DAVID. (Though I still love Samuel but it’s now divided)
Samuel: For about 3days we were not in good terms, though we were talking but things were not going on fine. I saw her chat with this new guy frequently even in my presence. The attention she gave to me was divided. This gave me the opportunity to meet a new young lady too, her name is DORCAS (this is another lady and not rachael’s roomate).
Rachael: Our relationship was not defined so he shouldn’t be the only guy around me, though I know he is the best guy I need to be with, it’s just that he wouldn’t stop annoying me.
Samuel: She offends me too but I always look over it not until the day she accused me of been jealous of David. I showed her I was angry and I left her in annoyance that day. Through the help of Kolawole we settled things again but she was still seeing David and I was also seing Dorcas(she doesn’t know yet).
Rachael: Things became normal again but David still has his share of my time and attention (even when Samuel is around)
Samuel: The way Rachael treats me made me have more time to see Dorcas. My love for Rachael reduced and my love for Dorcas increased. I was ready to leave Rachael and give all my time and heart to Dorcas.
Rachael: I had more time for David because Samuel now excuses himself from me. But we still love each other.
Samuel: I did not know how it happened but she got to know about Dorcas. The problem that will lead to the definition of our relationship has just began. I was totally confused.
Rachael: How could he have done this, he was seeing another lady and I didn’t know.
Kolawole: It was getting more interesting Samuel has Dorcas and Rachael has David. I kept my hand crossed as I observed the game
Samuel: I knew she did not like it that I’m seeing another lady, but I don’t know why she was not telling me. Atleast we are not dating, she should leave me to do what I want and moreover she’s seeing another guy too.
Rachael: He will go this new Dorcas house not remembering I’m home waiting for him. And when he comes he will be quiet and most times he will be annoying.
Samuel: She was seeing David and I don’t have anything against that but She was always angry anytime I visited Dorcas. I don’t know how she gets to know but she used to say things like “you love her, then go for her, or do you think I don’t know you are coming from her place”. Anytime she says this, I always have nothing to say!
Rachael: He doesn’t talk about me seeing David but I know he was not happy with it. We fought the more, a fight born out of jealousy through love. I love him but I don’t know if he still loves me. I had a feeling in my heart that he’s just a game player (fooling me to make Dorcas his lady)
Samuel: She once told me she can deal with any kind of guys, so i thought she was a game player (trying to fool me and make David her main man). I developed hatred for her and grew in love with Dorcas. But I think so much about her and don’t want to loose her to anyone not even David.
Kolawole: I took a quiet role here, I advised Samuel to play games when needed and be real when needed.
Samuel: We had not defined our relationship, yet I did not want her to win the game. After sometimes our love grew stronger again as we chose to live in peace together, though she and I were still seeing David and Dorcas respectively secretly. But anytime she get to know that I visited or chat with Dorcas, we always have issues to solve.
Rachael: He became more faithful and shows me more love but I don’t know why he was still seeing Dorcas. Even Dorcas had started behaving funny, she neither greet me nor answer when I greet her. We were not dating yet but I just don’t want to loose him to another lady.
Samuel: I started taking a U-turn back to my real love Rachael but I can’t just leave Dorcas so soon, therefore I visit her once in a while. Dorcas has started loving me and this made her tell me that I was disturbing her and she doesn’t want to see me and that she has no reason for it. I guess her reason was the level of closeness between Rachael and I, but she can’t say it out.
Rachael: I can’t really explain what was happening but I knew I did not want him to win this game. But he was not proposing love to me yet. We were in good terms but I knew we were both playing cat and mouse.
Samuel: I didn’t know if I was really ready for a love relationship, I could not tell if I wanted her to be my lady but I knew I just don’t want to loose her.
Kolawole: I withdrew myself from the deal as I got “my new love” and then a “feast love”. Dorcas couldn’t stand it. It was written all over her that she wants me, but I was never interested in her.
Samuel: we continued with our cat and mouse game until the day I realised I truely love Rachael and I discovered how much I need her in my life.
Rachael: I searched through my heart and I discovered that I truely love Samuel and I need him so much.
Samuel&Rachael: We both discovered that we were wrong in thinking we were both playing games. We realised that there is no space for David or Dorcas between us. We really love each other and our love is irreplaceable
Samuel: We were together this faithful night and I said to her “would you want me to be your man” she acted somehow and this made me ask the question a second time
Rachael: I was really surprised to hear this from him
Samuel: I GOT A YES!
Rachael: I GAVE HIM A YES!
Samuel: I told myself the TRUTH and I decided to do the best thing. I REALLY LOVE RACHAEL.
Rachael: I did not have it in my plan but the best thing has happened to me. I Just LOVE SAMUEL than I can explain.


And so our LOVE started, we have many differences and so many ups and downs but we have taught ourselves and learnt to live in LOVE. Our advice to you readers is; ‘if LOVE is hiden under a rock and you search for it diligently, telling yourselves the TRUTH about what you want and you are truely ready to be in LOVE, then LOVE will come out of its hidding place and present itself to you as the BEST GIFT you will ever get in this WORLD’.

CARE for each other even when things are hard. Tell yourselves the TRUTH about everything inside your heart, please don’t hide anything. LOVE each other with all your heart, let it be love in the rain and in the sun. These three are very important; CARE, TRUTH/TRUST and LOVE.

……………….It will not end, my LOVE will go on and on and on and on and on.