Shola!, leave the darkness and come into light
Preached Shola
Leave the night of evil
and come into the day of love,
Come and fill your soul with joy

This is the story of Shola and Shola
Shola was a church boy, he was serious with the work of God. He participated in church activities and he was the children coordinator.
Shola was a young man (between 18-21 years) who was active and ready to do the work of God. He led evangelism, called people to the things of God. I can ready those days in children class, he told us Bible stories and he sang well. He would compose songs, and teach Bible story in an impactful way. Shola was never happy to see a young person living against the Will of God. Shola was the holy boy, the children teacher and the choir leader.

Shola was another boy (about 5years younger than the first Shola), the trouble maker and street fighter (I can remember times when my tomboy sister fought him). Shola was known for his stubbornness and nonchalant attitude to the things of God.

Shola preached to Shola; because Shola didn’t like Shole’s sinful lifestyle then, he put the task upon himself to bring Shola into the light of God. As young as I was then, I can still remember seeing Shola preach to Shola. Shola did a lot of follow-ups to ensure that Shola leaves his sinful way and follow the path of the Almighty God. All these continued for a long time but…………………….

Time passed and years came and went, today Shola is the complete opposite of Shola. The once upon a time troublesome and sin filled Shola is now popularly known as Pastor Shola while the then Church boy Shola is now living a complete sinful life.

Shola (the older) lost it when he became disobedient at home, dropped out of school, impregnated a lady (now his wife) and drinks a lot. Shola’s then sweet singing voice has now be destroyed by alcohol and his belly is now as round as a globe. I pitied him when I saw him but he doesn’t seem to feel the pain within him (maybe because he now has a wife, two daughters, a car and a growing business).

Pastor Shola got his way with God and latter became an executive in his secondary school fellowship, he organises community fellowships, shares the word of God with everyone he met and he is now fully devoted to the work of the Lord. The last time I saw Pastor Shola, I saw a young man of God who is determined to follow Christ forever.

Shola preached to Shola
Now Sholas’ lives are transformed
Shola please preach to Shola
Maybe he’ll leave the night of evil
And come to the day of light
where he once belong.
Sholas, please hold your hands
and enter the rest of GOD

Shola preach to Shola is not just another preachment of the clergyman to the chapel heart but also a wisdom word that is meant for the Gentiles and Jews.

Is there something good that you used to be very good at, or something good that you used to like doing but something, somewhere, somehow and sometime has caused you to give up and settle for the less? I am preaching to you today to go back to the road that lead to the salvation of your Life, your Love, your Dream, and your Future, then define and understand your PURPOSE. Build a LIFE, start DREAMing and act with PASSION.

The less you might have settled for may look like the real but it is just a bronze, you can win GOLD if you can trace your way back to the TRUE RIGHT PATH. Though photocopy looks like the original but it will never be the original.

Go back to the LIGHT, IGNITE YOUR PASSION and live the BEST LIFE you can live. Remember, Shola preached to Shola.