Date: 28th of December, 2015.
Code: TC101
Topic: Build your STRENGTH of CHARACTER

Top of the morning to you!
We do not plug in to that FUTURE we desire yet until we build this vital aspect of our human existence and human spirit – our Strength of Character.

The strength of character of any man is not a function of measured lines and calculated speeches posted on his social media platforms. It is not deduced from the fluency of language and the flawlessness of grammar an individual possesses. It likewise goes beyond the outward show of egalitarianism and humanitarianism that anyone could choose to display.

The true strength of character of any man is observed when he is related with (i.e getting to know him more). It becomes all the more obvious when the waves and ocean tides are strongest, when the chips are down, when the cells are drained and (when) all odds are practically against him. It is that innermost drive within you urging you to go on, to give that task a shot again and again.

Men of such great strength of character are few and far between.

See life history of June 12, 1993 hero to know what I mean.
Read/watch Mandela’s long walk to freedom to understand better.
How about PMB’s unrelenting Presidential aspirations?
The Chelsea Champions League winning squad of 2012?

Now, these are people with great strengths of character!

If indeed, we want to feature in that FUTURE and join the bandwagon of greats that have graced these paths, then you have to BE BRAVE and BOLD, ADVENTUROUS and DARING, and be ready to give a HIGH level of DILIGENCE, DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE. Develop a tough skin because criticisms and challenges will always come and are part of the formative process.

So, rule No 2: Build your STRENGTH of CHARACTER.

I choose to develop a great one today, and one worthy of emulation at that.

Long Live the Legacies of Chief MKO Abiola, Madiba Nelson Mandela, Carl Brasheer, Thomas Sankara et al
Long Live the Existing True Democrats.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long may we Live our desired FUTURE!

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach



Date: 21 December, 2015.
Code: TC101
Day One

Good Morning!
Welcome to the world of Responsibility.

A new week is before us and one of the surest ways to maximize this week is to take responsibility for our actions and inactions, for the now and foreseeable future.

As we begin the series today, I’ll like to tell us even of we might have heard it a million times before that there is a FUTURE, and it is that of glee that awaits if only we are willing and ready to pay the price.

Highly revered Nigerian speaker cum coach, Fela Durotoye defined the FUTURE as ‘everything we can be but have not yet become and everything we can do but have not yet done’.

Not to bore us. If we are to feature in the FUTURE we so desire, I put forward a first-time charge this morning.

VISUALISE what you want to achieve in YOUR FUTURE, that is to say see YOURself doing those things you would wish to do now but have not done yet. See YOURself as that person you dream of becoming but have not yet become.


Take one step further. Reason what the motive behind that FUTURE you want is. What would you do with those resources, time and influence that’d be at your disposal as accompaniment of achieving your set goals.

If to flaunt and call for fanfare is your ultimate desire, then your appetite is really easily satiable. That FUTURE might even be killed in the embryo because as much fanfare would have accompanied the conception of the dreams. Remember, ‘the resources and awards are a testament of your effectiveness over time and are not effectiveness in themselves’. (Olakunle Soriyan)

So, know what you really want!

Finally, having imagined the FUTURE, channel your energy in the right direction, unreservedly towards achieving that FUTURE remembering always that you don’t make a world-class social commentator by listening to Sports Radio all day long, you’d rather make a world-class sports commentator.

Enjoy the rest of the week in style.
Let’s do it again next week.

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach

Join me Shobande M. Damilola (MATTYDAMMY) in celebrating a beautiful darling, a friend, a gem and My Firstlady, Miss ADENIKE ADEMARY ADEKUNLE (07033031686) as she celebrates her birthday today 21 December, 2015. (Please send a message or call her for me)


Contentment can be defined as the state or degree of being satisfied(fulfilled). In other word, it is an act of appreciating what you have or what comes to you at a particular time. Contentment is the direct opposite of covetousness. It is only when you appreciate what you have that you have room to accommodate more.
I used to have problem of being contented with what I have or what comes my way, I always want something else. But God always give me what I need not my wants, yet I never realise nor appreciate it until it is done on me that God knows what’s best for me. I couldn’t beat this addiction until I finally realised what could happen if I fail to change my way and embrace contentment on Friday 8th May, 2015. Come with me as I tell this teaching story.

After my secondary school education, I gained admission to The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 2010 to study Computer Science, I wasn’t happy because I set out to study Medicine at the University of Ibadan. I chose to enjoy my stay at IBPOLY though with a wrong motive. On the day of my first lecture in school, what caught my attention was not the big hall nor the teaching of the lecturer but a young pretty lady. she’s short and light with an admiring body figure, she uses a small pair of eyeglasses. All I gained that day was the beauty of this young lady. I made plans on talking to this young lady, I decided to start the game when we are through with our registration.

I wasn’t interested in the academic part of the school. Though I had no orientation about good grades and academic excellence, I believe I can never fail, I have never scored below 50 in any examination. I was ignorant of excellence, passion and focus, all I wanted was the pride of being in a higher institution and dating this ‘new found love’.

Because God knows what’s best, one thing led to the other which made me loose interest totally in the school that I forfeited the admission personally. I was hoping for new land which I’d never seen before.

I have great passion for Agriculture, so I chose Agricultural Economics and Farm Management(AEFM) as my prefered course of study when I obtained the post-UTME form of the University of Agriculture Abeokuta. When the admission list was out, I was offered Agricultural Extension and Rural Development(AERD). I was happy but still I wished I was given AEFM. I didn’t know what AERD is all about, but God knows best, He knew I have potentials that will be useful as an extensionist, I love talking, writing, life building, travelling and gathering information, which are very useful as an extension officer. God knows best but I knew none but to complain and want something else.

To my surprise, I loved the course and often tell myself that there could not have been anything better for me to do. As examinations come and go, I battle with my results because I wanted to be the best in my department. Even though I’m among the best 10 of about 120studebts, I still wish I’m the final best. I was never contented.

Soon. It was time for my Farm Practical Year(FPY) Programme, this is a compulsory one year programme for all Agricultural student in the fourth year of study. FUNAAB has four different location for this programme, Isaga-orile, Iwoye-ketu(the farthest), Ode-lemo and Odogbolu. As God would have it, I was posted to the location I never wanted. When people who saw the list told me about it, I didn’t believe them and I rebuked Iwoye-ketu like hell. I was helpless and sad when I saw the list because; one, it was the farthest of the four locations and two, all my close female friends were posted to other locations.

But for God who knows best, Iwoye-ketu is the best of all location, recording the best result. A border town which gave me my first opportunity to travel out of the country (Benin Republic). A town flowing with food, fruits and caring people, with a relatively low cost of living. Of the four locations, Iwoye-ketu farm is the closest to residential area. I wouldn’t have love to miss all this goodies. My male friends make it a place to be for me, I met new friends, life became easy and more free and work was sweet. Now, when I remember that I’m not with my close female friends in school, I give thanks to God. If they were with me, I would have had to love, care and take responsibilities for them. I would have had to work on their plots, spend time and money to make them happy and do so many other things for them. Praise God for having posted me to this location. God knows best, for no other place would have been better than Iwoye-ketu.

My lack of contentment was at play again when we were divided into groups and given vegetable plots. I never like my group, I wanted the other group but now I know my group is the best of all. I was given a vegetable plot under a tree. I never wanted the plot because of how it looked and the leaves of the tree that droped gave me an extra work of picking leaves. It took me time to realise that the plot is easy to access, the tree serve as a shed to conserve water and reduce the intensity of the sun, the leave when decomposed became manure. God really knows best. When the vegetables started to germinate, I was not contented with what I had, I felt other’s were doing better than mine so I wanted theirs. Still God knows best for His ways are not human’s way

As time goes on, my plot became one of the tourist centres on the farm as my vegetables were doing pretty well. When harvest came, I had the best harvest in my group and one of the best overall. God makes everything work altogether for my good. My group’s cucumber plot which I didn’t like before proved to be the best because of its closeness to water.

I learnt my lesson with this latest one, we were preparing to plant maize. This will take a bigger plot allocation of 20m by 20m, thereby scattering student across a large expanse of land. When the plot allocation started, I prayed and wished that I would get a plot along the roadside. As the exercise went on, everything was going fine and it looked as if my wish would be fulfilled, even if I won’t get a plot by the roadside I will definitely get one very close. But when everything was looking perfect, a ‘bad news’ came from a friend who started shouting, Matthew, 6:1(my FPY number), your plot is at the back, the very last plot. I rebuked him immediately, I told him to stop joking but he kept on saying the truth which I never wanted to hear (this guy was one of the first people who told me I was posted to Iwoye-ketu). I had no other choice than to believe the truth and accept my fate. I was not happy, I wanted another plot. Still God know what’s best for me.

NOW I KNOW; I finally realised my lack of contentment, asked for forgiveness and give praises to God who knows best when I got to the plot to start the tillage operations. Firstly, I prayed and named the plot Sokoto State because it was located at the northwestern part of the farm. Secondly, I had a little amount of work to do compared to other plots. Thirdly, I found a path that takes less ten minutes to my house which saves me the stress of walking the normal road which takes close to thirty minutes. I need nothing more to tell me that God knows best. The soil on my plot was highly fertile and my maize crop grew properly.

MY MESSAGE: What a man wants is not what he needs, and what he gets is the best for him, he only need to understand what he gets and then make the best use of it. Thank God for whatever you get, either your wish or not, God really knows what’s best for you. Be contented with everything you get, though it is not a sin to make it better but always remember God knows best. Contentment