Date: 25th of January, 2016.
Code: TC101
Day Six
Topic: Are you MAD with TIME? (Part 3)

Top of the morning to you!

As we put paid to the series on MAKING A DIFFERENCE with your TIME today, a fallacy of hasty conclusion would have been committed if these two injunctions are overlooked. It is also important to highlight however that the 5 charges aren’t the only ways we can be MAD with TIME, they are just part of a select few that have been proven to work.

The first charge for this new day is:
● Read books

In an ever-evolving world constantly dubbed the “information age”, isn’t it appalling the average Nigerian doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid when the opportunity to accrue such information of relevance is presented even at no cost?

This is unpleasantly amazing! It is an obvious state of deviation and aberration from normalcy. It has to be corrected. If indeed you have your sights set on the FUTURE, refuse to be a patient of the above syndrome and join several other goal-oriented people to chase knowledge and information.

How quick “Readers are Leaders” have become a cliche doesn’t really do justice to the depth of meaning the statement conveys. The needed information for any individual to trigger a desired change is locked up somewhere in the pages of some book. Little wonder people who set their sights high have a target of number of books to read in a particular year.

It helps, you can start it too!

What if you decide to complete a book every quarter of a year, and you dedicate 30 minutes of your time to read chapters daily. At the end of two years even with a string budget of time, you would have completed eight books. Not bad for a starter. You will definitely be better for it, in knowledge, conversation or writing.

And the other charge is:

● Teach others what you know

Ever wanted to retain what you’ve just read in a book or learnt in a visual? Then teach somebody. It is termed learning by teaching. It sticks faster than having to pick up that book again to read. Imbibe the habit of speaking to the very next person around about what you learnt recently. Never mind whether the person is in a position to understand at the moment or not. Put at the back of your mind that information shared with the person today could be a vital turning point tomorrow. Use your knowledge to serve others. Savour every moment.

So just pour, pour and pour.

On a final note. TIME lost can never be recouped. To know the value of 1 second, ask Iker Casillas who arrives late to keep out Lionel Messi’s free kick. To know the value of 1 minute, ask the ambulance driver who gets held up by the traffic light. To know the value of 1 year, ask a student who failed his final exams due to lack of preparation.

Maximize your time while you may doing something profitable for the good of yourself and benefit of mankind. Stay true to yourself, making a difference and attaining the FUTURE isn’t going to be that far away.

“No work is insignificant. All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach



On the nineteenth edge of a moon bulb
came three time revolutions row gone zero
the first of seeds of a home come
So you remain the sister
Mother that we own

From your beauty,
you gave us all.
Your heart of love and hands that cares
gave us all our rest
And your best you showed us in lovest care
So you remain the sister
Mother that we own

Adebola, you have a gaiety heart
that saves no room for dirt
You paid the sacrifice
a fiercy fire for us to not bear
That we may all be fine
So you remain the sister
Mother that we own

Mother that we own
We pray as you grow
You not a bum but you’ll get life boon
And your gutsy hands
raise you to a lofty height.

It’s your day, glass clinking
Clock ticking, bells chiming
It’s your day with symphony of songs
Stars and lights glowing
livening you up as you rock.
Pop in cups the sweetest of wines
It’s your year of grace
Grow on in age and gain
as beauty keeps your face in shape
Mother that we own
Happy Birthday Mrs. Shobande Adebola Fagbemile 08069481622


Date: 18th of January, 2016.
Code: TC101
Topic: Are you MAD with TIME? (Part 2)

Blessed morning to you!

It’s another day yet in 2016. How far have you achieved with respect to your plans and purpose? Too early to evaluate you say?

Picking up from last week when there was the charge to set a BHAG. Today, we will be looking at two other things that could be done now with our TIME with reference to gaining the FUTURE.

● Start something

Having identified the need to put on paper what is to be achieved and when it is to be achieved. The onus therefore rests on anyone who wants to make a difference to take a step, and one step more.

There’s little disparity between someone who owns no mobile phone and another person with a phone but lacks the know-how, likewise there’s no difference between someone who has his goals written and hidden somewhere on some golden scrolls and with days going by, does nothing about it and someone else without clear goals and visions at all.

Take away the fear factor. Do something profitable towards achieving your set BHAG for at least 30 minutes in a day and be sure you are almost there.

Another key is to:

We all have 24 hours! We are all different!

The conscious realization of the latter fact should doubtless erase every temptation to compare yourself with any other person. If it takes a Mr B one hour to do a job right now, do not assume by the time you will do the same job later at night, it will take you the same period of time for the execution. That assumption could be fatal! Never leave what could be done now till another time.

There is no better way to cheat oneself, to show hatred for one’s personal development than to leave what can be done today till tomorrow. It weakens willpower, kills the morale, and predisposes our public persona to distrust if not promptly addressed.

The moment cogent steps are taken to do the right thing at the right time, you’ll begin to find yourself, your business, your academics, your career miles ahead of competitors in your field as surprisingly enough, majority of your competitors also suffer from the same anomaly turned custom.

Armed with these expositions which in truth are not novel to us is not enough, go out there and execute with aplomb, unwavering commitments!

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach


Date: 11th of January, 2016.
Code: TC101
Topic: Are you MAD with TIME?

It’s a brand-new week, hope it brings us good tidings.

Today, we begin a sub-series in our weekly broadcasts, and it will be in three parts for brevity.

Permit me to reiterate that there is a FUTURE with glee and glow ahead and this FUTURE belongs only to those who are MAD (Making A Difference) with TIME. How do we take responsibility for our time today and make it work a difference in our lives and communities in the nearest FUTURE?

Bill Keane said many years ago; “Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift. That’s why it is called THE PRESENT”

The need to judiciously expend available time has never in the history of man been more important than it is now. With several side attractions demanding the attention of almost everyone in our modern world, unchecked participation in many activities could inadvertently be more than costly. The decision whether to respond to the plethora of messages on our instant messaging platforms or to heed the appealing shouts of “Goal” at a football viewing centre are just few highlights of the many decisions we are forced to make these days.

Little wonder then, that our antecedents – achievers in history with their wise sayings had taken it upon themselves to intimate us with the importance and relevance of this phenomenon “TIME”. Mother Teresa in one of her numerous renditions seconded Bill Keane’s opinion, she said; “Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not come yet, we only have today. So let us begin!”

They couldn’t both be wrong.

A true inspection of the way we spend our time can actually be an interesting way to kick-start self evaluation in a bid to make a difference in our own lives and then our communities. So today, we’ll look at one of the ways we could use our prime time to the optimum.

And here comes a charge to that effect.

● Set a BHAG
What’s a BHAG?

A BHAG is an acronym for Big, Hairy and Audacious Goal. It is a genuine statement of intent to achieve something at a particular time. Usually stronger in value than a vision statement.

Several respected companies and individuals known world over have at one point or the other set BHAGs. At first glance though, these goals might seem a little unrealistic or unreasonable, fear NOT, that’s why they are termed “audacious goals”, so MOVE ON.

Hold that project by the scruff of the neck this week, do the needful and your goals will come to fruition.
Microsoft’s BHAG is to have a computer on every desk in every home or office. What’s yours?

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach


Date: 4th of January, 2016
Code: TC101
Topic: What’s your STOPPING POINT?

Hello and welcome to 2016.
A very prosperous year ahead is my wish for you.

I start this morning with a question that made me sweat at my first ever job interview session.

Interviewer: Young man, what’s your stopping point?


In 2015, W. F. Kumuyi in one of his many teachings pointed out that anything that’s able to stop you is mightier and stronger than you are.

Now, take a deep breath.

Take a minute to meditate on those factors – animate and/or inanimate, feminine and/or masculine, emotions and/or values – that have served as an impedance in the past.

Think about them, if you can, pen them down.
Now, these things seem to be your stopping points. Believe it or not, if these factors succeeded in stopping you from achieving your target(s), they were indeed stronger than you were.

Come back to life.
Look at these factors critically. Come to think of it, if inanimate, they are a step lower than YOU! And if human, you’re at par by virtue of your life and humanity.

– Does it mean hate, low self esteem are stronger than your person?
– Does it mean lack of finance is powerful enough to deter you from making progress?
– Is the absence of cooperation a worthy excuse to give up on that groundbreaking idea?
– Is the prying eyes and dangling axe of your boss strong enough to keep you mute from making honest working demands?

Whatever it is, get over excuses. It is a NEW YEAR. Remember the FUTURE you imagined. Be tougher. Display your STRENGTH of CHARACTER.

“If there is a will, there is a way”. Fire up yourself again by finding joy at what you do and sooner rather than later, you will discover your only stopping point is YOU!

So, the words of Fela Durotoye I borrow again this morning, “Go ahead, deliver the FUTURE because you can and because you must”


Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach


I give thanks to thee
my God
You have made of me
the earth’s joy
And brought me far
in your light and love
So I give thanks to thee
my own Lord

I give thanks to thee
my God
Who sits on His throne
and earth His foot stone
He holds in his hands
the sun and the moon
and little me in his Holy robe
I’ll sing His Name on earth
as in heaven

I give thanks to thee
my super guide
From my birth till now
You’ve provided large.
And thy word are light to my darken path
You took my pain
and with joy You paid
I lay on You my God
my only Lord

I give thanks to thee
my Ancient word
You made me a light to the troubled world
and a swathe in a desert land
Now my star can shine like sun
and my mouth can shout of Your Name
I hail You on with horn of praise

I give thanks to thee
my God
For You have made my soul
Your Holy own
And my life a purposehood
I give thanks to thee
my God
For You have made of me
a life of joy

I give thanks to thee
You’re always good
A year is gone and a year began
I am fine for my life is full of grace
and your peace has caused my heart
to sing thy praise.
I give thanks to thee
for making me to see
a new year.