Taiyelolu ejire
Okan nba bi
Eji lo wole tomi
Ejire ara isokun
O be wole alakisa
O so alakisa doligba aso

The forunner of Omokehinde
You open the door for yours to come
With your beautiful hand
Taiyelolu the very first

The emblem of a twin,
that win and reign.
You’re a symbol of gold
most cherished of treasures
Omotaiwo, the gem

I have heard little but more
of your beauty and story I adore.
And I’m waiting for the day
when my aim shall be,
my eyes shall see,
my ears shall hear
and my hands shall touch;
all that is beautiful,
all that is sweet
and all that is smooth
in the beautiful OMOTAIWO

I am a lover and friend
waiting to the end
to see you big and great.
And in all you do also,
remember me a boy,
waiting to see you come inheart of love
and become full of virtue.

The lover boy
For when you found me;

Dedicated to Miss Taiwo Ibukunoluwa Beulah Deola ARILE


You came out last
And left the pot unbroken
For others to come again

Glaring at your small face
Radiating the beauty within thy far heart
With no stairs in sight
Nor bridge to climb
I wonder who then gets in

Listening to your story time
Of works of thy faithful hands
And walks of thy trimy legs
Why I love sitting before thee
Are found in your moonlight tales

I met you when you have a few time to stay
But I’ll keep you as long as the day
And I pray that thy way be free as rain
And your light never break

Though I want you here
But I leave you to go in His Mighty steps
To he good enough
to pay your bride price
and care for you as I hope
In full love and joy.

Move into the glory ahead
I vote you for a future bright
But in all you do
Always remember that a boy is here
waiting in love to see you great.
Report all thy greatness
That I might merry in it.
Omokehinde pearly jewel.
Dedicated to Miss Bola Kehinde Hephzibah Ireoluwa ARILE


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