I will never be angry again. Yes, nothing can be strong enough to make me angry. I have learnt.

This is a public declaration born out of my experience with people. People are insatiable, nothing you do in life can satisfy everyone at the same time. What some people like, some people hate and some people’s best is some people worst, so why should I be offended when someone disagree with you.

I started as a shy, battled, disturbed, unbold et al, boy who could not present what he knows clearly to the world due to fear of non-acceptance (people called me a coward, a fool, a weakling, and so on). And when I understood life and discovered myself, I started doing all it take to be the best, in the top and best place at the best time. I laboured so hard, read books, attended conferences, served, listened and prayed to become better. I pursued my dream passionately and focus on my goals as I aim at the very top. After a while I was getting result for my work as I continued to get better. Unlike before, I became bold, courageous and even proud of myself. But with all this…….

When the sun started shining and the rainbow getting brighter, some people started rising against me, they criticise me unfairly for the things I do right and things I do wrong. These people won’t just see anything good in the good things I do while for the bad ones, I’m treated alike. Whatever these people think is bad in their own mind (even if it’s truly good) they hold up in their mind.

The people aren’t ghosts neither are they foes, they are people I see daily, some even present themselves to be friends. They are people I love and always want to please them. People I always want to help, they are those I want to see happiness in their face always. But I always wonder…

Why is someone who knows nothing criticising a learned person who is working hard to make things work? Why will the person I helped yesterday, only with little provocation say I’m the worst thing every (say; I gave a lady #100 yesterday and I misplaced her #5 today, all she could do was to say, she will collect her money at all cost)? Why will a guy/lady who doesn’t pay attention to what he wears (dress shabbily) accuse me for dressing well in an official way (not too expensive)? Why will an outdated person accuse me for seeking helpful information? Why will a student who fail to learn public speaking or writing accuse Femi Royal for delivering a perfect speech with confidence and good diction or Wole Soyinka for his wisdom and word skill? Why should a primary school drop-out who has the same opportunity with a PhD holder accuse the later for his achievement; saying “book turns people’s head”? Why will a failure accuse a successful man (saying “awon ologbo to n silekun fole”*)? Why will the devil always fight the godly? Why? Why should I every get angry again?

Sorry, I’m not saying that I am the best and complete man, No! Infact, I am imperfect, impure, weak, shy, worst, but I am earnestly working hard to even get better. Although I have gotten several appraisal, had several achievements,learn a lot (informed), gotten really better, leading people, making names and people of high esteem crave to be with me but in my own eyes, I have done nothing yet. I’m building and aiming to get very much better. I always want to learn from people and I always see the next person as a better person who I can learn from. That is why I’m always gentle.

On Tuesday 16th August, 2016, I made this resolution that I will never get angry again when people show me their disapproval. I will never let out the angry hungry lion within me. I cannot keep grudges (I won’t have peace within myself), I can’t be angry again, never! So help me GOD!

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, and most do. —Dale Carnegie

*a stinkily rich man whose wealth attracts thief


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