The students of the Federal University of Agiculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), yesterday took to the street to protest the negligence of the management of the institution and the government on several issues that have made life so difficult for the students. As a student of FUNAAB, I have seen and gone through a lot, which I will to talk about now.
In 2011, I was admitted it a home, beautiful paradise of greeness and peace, then University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB). But in 2012, the management of the University had a major change (I was present at the official handing over ceremony).

It all started with the electronic examination (E-exam) process where lots of irregularities and errors occurred. It was disheartening for me because I scored 42 and 41 in two courses I know and taught others (FST201 and STS201) and all we heard was computer error. The university Management Committee on Transportation (MANCOT) bus services was stopped for the student residing in Obantoko, Abeokuta (40% of the university student) and as time passed, those staying in camp, Isolu and gate were not enjoying the service of the buses due to inadequate number of buses to meet up the increasing number of students. Unlike before, no new bus was purchased in two years and the old ones were poorly managed.

The peace in FUNAAB disappeared as theft and armed robbery kept increasing. Student living around School Gate, Kofesu, Oluwokesi, Isolu and Camp in the Alabate area where the university is located, were robbed of their valuables, day and night, especially between september 2015 and August 2016. Yet the university management did nothing about it (are student living off camp not the school property?). In 2013, two young and promising student were killed by a reckless driver due to the management’s failure to make speed breaker on the rehabilitated Alabata road. Another lady (Late Mariam Atere) was also knocked down by a vehicle and the School Health Centre failed to attend to her until we lost her, so many other similar issues occurred, yet nothing was done.

The Green and beautiful campus which both students and staffs worshipped, celebrated, adored and took pride in are now lost to history. The well kept lawns have turned to forest to hunt snakes and rodents in raining season, and desert of burnt grasses in dry season. The class rooms now look like a deserted town hall with broken seat, bad public address system, epileptic power supply and all the seriousness are history. Transportation in FUNAAB grew worse, the unversity calendar was altered (utimate search for calendar), lecture not starting until four weeks, time-table irregularity and search, result error and delay, Senate Waver was cancelled, poor laboratory, increasing tuition fee and extortion and there is no hope ahead. Yet, they ask us to be violent free.
Internal strike altered academic activities, from SSANU to ASU to NASU, all this has tarnished the name the founding fathers built. No wonder FUNAAB has not been in a good place from 2013 in the Webometric University Ranking where we used to be 2nd. Yet the management is doing nothing.

On Thursday 18th of August 2016, when we could not bear all the years of suffering, we all cried out and took to the street in a peaceful protest and what we are getting is gun shot at one of us (Taiwo Abisoye), tear gas, beating, mass illegal arresting of students all these by The Nigeria Police Force, detention, unfair judgement. “Nigba ti ‘koko n se su, koseni to gbo o, odo wa n gun yan, iyen ni ariwo ba ta o” (when the pot was cooking yam, nobody heard. Now the mortal is pounding the yam and noise all around). Let those who have ears, let them hear the cry of FUNAABites saying; “no, not more”×70.jpg

I used to boast of being a FUNAABite in those days not now. I poured out my heart cry in a poetry chat “TELL OLORI OKO”. I love the school Anthem:

We have a vision great and clear
For the masses far and near
A school of farming, Science and Skill
To feed the land we till
Research, test and learning for wisdom, we’re yearning

Glory of day
Forward upward, we shall ever sail
Beacons of our father land
To success we will sail
Labouring, toiling, upward
We shall never fail

The nature’s secret we will find
As offering to mankind
We’re aiming at sound scholarship
And academic leadership
We have all needed potentials and basic essentials

Glory of day
Forward upward, we shall ever sail
Beacons of our father land
To success we will sail
Labouring, toiling, upward
We shall never fail




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