Eni keni ti wo ba ni pa
Lati se iranlowo fun o
Oun naa lenikeji re
Toju re……….

See out, how kids
All along the streets in tears
Waiting for hands of care
To wipe their tears
I preach to you
The words of charity

See out, the beggar
Pained, disappointed and stretched
Sleeping under ‘canter’
With all his hope shattered
I sing to you
The songs of charity

“Our parents are dead
and our lives are with them,
leaving us here, life we cannot bear nor dare”
See out, the orphans
I cry to your ears
The lives needing charity

ee out, the dead
Not dead to death
‘Tis ‘cos you failed to help
“We’re dead of money
and care”
You kill, they die, you killer
Not again, we need your charity

Wipe the rhythmic tears of kids
Build a better home than canters
and fill empty coin bowl of beggars
Give a hand, ’tis all we need
Before the breath taking ends
Give a hand, ’tis all they need
I write on your heart
The words of charity

Eni keni ti wo ba ni pa
Lati se iranlowo fun o
Oun naa lenikeji re
Toju re……….
Charity is all I preach.


This egg

Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju
the world is an egg
if you break this egg
you break this egg
break this egg
this egg
some nonsense sense some sages say?
let us begin this poetry with patience…
in this egg…
there is abel-
the little child
lying flat and fat
still and swollen
his head beside his body
and blood
into a choir master for an orchestra of vengeance…
there is a friend whose friends
are not friends of a friend
they are mapping him out for a fall to falling to fell to
in short-
they want him dead by tomorrow
from strangulation oozing from their envy
for his neck
his gold necklace and his beautiful wife…
in this egg there are money lenders
stuck to the corners of coarse coffins
singing the figures of debts into the rest in peace
of dead debtors-
they have spent thousand years here
not like tide …they wait for every man…dead or
you will find the whores moaning on dirty politics
and horses looking for love in rabbits’ holes
you will find the wars
traps of wars-
and madness and another madness in another
so if you break this egg
let it be your ritual on a ready-grave
twelve feet below….enough rooms
they say no one waits to tell the story…
some nonsense sense some sages say?
let us end this poetry quickly…
this egg
break this egg
you break this egg
if you break this egg…
you die!
die and die and die and die…
did you just ask w-h-y?
why ask why
when you are in the egg?
Ayoola Goodness ©2016

Copied from Facebook. 4-May-2016


The hand writing on the wall
Clearly enough, ADEBAYO.
In this land you have toiled,
winning all turns standing tall
Your works have won,
not luck.

The guru Don different from
every all
Adebayo, with this your hand
You became best among rest
Even he sitting in rose petals nest

The works of thy hands
and words of your mouth
show you have walked alone
in scary nights
digging honey from rock
using a heavy axe
Your works have won, not luck
Success is not for lame mind

Your light started with a spark
Now bright in the sky
Giving hope to us now, that;
If Kolawole can work hard, I will work hard
If Adebayo can make it, I can make it.
Dedicated to Prof. Kolawole Adebayo (B.Agric, M.Agric, PhD)
Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.


In the light of the beauty that covered your eyes
Like the veil of the bride
Coming from the sky
Shinning bracelet of your hands.
Yous are beautiful?
It yours birthday?
……..I need not repeat the voice of those parrot songs.

The tunnel left……,
you’re the light!
Sorry it’s your birthday
Not the day I bath with rain

Lady Twin
Yes, your beauty light
That I thought and talk no fault
Fills my heart that dotes on you
Waiting the dot of 16Aprils
My love ethos waiting on you still
My Firstlady home calling waiting

My Love Twin
Two you are born
some years long gone
A work of his loins and your mum
Together, pretty you come
You, my bone?
I never slept but your love pelt
It’s your birthday still
No man can vent for what she felt
I do love her and want her
Even Jesus loves her
Let no one hold me for that
My Firstlady never worry

Happy Birthday
I shout loud and crow
Dancing round your hands
Clapping to the sound
Of the chiming of the bells
Happy Birthday
To the twins on high for life
Dedicated to Taiwo Ibukunoluwa & Omokehinde Ireoluwa ARILE



Taiyelolu ejire
Okan nba bi
Eji lo wole tomi
Ejire ara isokun
O be wole alakisa
O so alakisa doligba aso

The forunner of Omokehinde
You open the door for yours to come
With your beautiful hand
Taiyelolu the very first

The emblem of a twin,
that win and reign.
You’re a symbol of gold
most cherished of treasures
Omotaiwo, the gem

I have heard little but more
of your beauty and story I adore.
And I’m waiting for the day
when my aim shall be,
my eyes shall see,
my ears shall hear
and my hands shall touch;
all that is beautiful,
all that is sweet
and all that is smooth
in the beautiful OMOTAIWO

I am a lover and friend
waiting to the end
to see you big and great.
And in all you do also,
remember me a boy,
waiting to see you come inheart of love
and become full of virtue.

The lover boy
For when you found me;

Dedicated to Miss Taiwo Ibukunoluwa Beulah Deola ARILE


You came out last
And left the pot unbroken
For others to come again

Glaring at your small face
Radiating the beauty within thy far heart
With no stairs in sight
Nor bridge to climb
I wonder who then gets in

Listening to your story time
Of works of thy faithful hands
And walks of thy trimy legs
Why I love sitting before thee
Are found in your moonlight tales

I met you when you have a few time to stay
But I’ll keep you as long as the day
And I pray that thy way be free as rain
And your light never break

Though I want you here
But I leave you to go in His Mighty steps
To he good enough
to pay your bride price
and care for you as I hope
In full love and joy.

Move into the glory ahead
I vote you for a future bright
But in all you do
Always remember that a boy is here
waiting in love to see you great.
Report all thy greatness
That I might merry in it.
Omokehinde pearly jewel.
Dedicated to Miss Bola Kehinde Hephzibah Ireoluwa ARILE


In her hands are whips
That rips stubbornness off the boys
In her hands she nurse the boys
When the milk was snatched from mouth
in their early days

the soldiers in our army
Like lioness in her pride
Going back and forth for our pride
Olajumoke today we sing
praising your age

Father’s lovest
Mother’s likest and fearest
Temitope’s dearest
Our carest Olajumoke
Oluwapelumi, Mimmy SUREST

Olajumoke, today your day
We celebrate you with praise
Raining with your fame
and all you paid
to build our hands with love

Your birth is opening of flowers
Your day the sweetest of nectar
Oluwapelumi, your beauty brightest
Mimmy, your praise loudest
Happy Bithday
Miss SHOBANDE Olajumoke Oluwapelumi Olasheni Ajoke p.k.a. Mimmy
I Celebrate you, my beautiful sister and mother.


I was born in the land
where all roofs are brown.
All I grew up seeing were wrecked buses
dancing on the roads

I’m back thinking a new leaf has turn.
But the roofs are with holes,
and the roads are pot holes.

There I was
sitting in the white, 2 green strip box
Dancing, choking and cloth tearing;
Wild journalists
and bush analyst are catalyst
to the steering wheel
from sango to omi

The road of Oke
The street of Idi
The avenue of Iyana
And the junction of Aba
It stops to loose and add some weight
Even the Agbero collects pay,
with receipt and writes of chalk
In Ibadan,
the land of hills

Bus, Box or Ark
That smokes and sings noise
Kranking, kranker and konkonk
The music it plays all the way
The Ibadan Bus,
what do I call you?


The parrot told the house owner
“I am the best home keeper”
The monkey couldn’t talk because it can’t talk
“The monkey is a sleeping keeper”
The parrot told the house owner
“The monkey is an evil keeper,
I’ll turn your home heaven”
The parrot told the house owner

The parrot told the house owner
As he won our last vote
With countless dots
A song of change
The parrot told the house owner
The monkey could only grumble

Now we have given our home to the parrot
But instead of change we got change
The change of the monkey and of the parrot
The change of food and of hunger
The change of rise and of fall
But instead of change we got change
We have given our home to the parrot

The parrot told the house owner
There is no money in the treasury
The monkey watched and helped;
the stealing of our property
But the parrot never show us the money
The oil is dropping
And more terrorist are trooping
Our hands are falling
The parrot keeps telling we house owner

We have given our home to the parrot
For its ten months
Our tables are filled with empty trays
As we queue and wait in cars in empty stations
The servant of the civil kings
are not paid stipends
Instead of change we got change
We have given our home to the parrot

We have lost direction
The parrot flies around than the jumping monkey
And our neck is longer with hunger
Trying to see the next four years
When we can vote again for change
The change of a dog the home keeper
But we have given our home to the parrot

AGRIPOETRY: with Agriculture

Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I without agriculture?
Who knows who I am

I have no life
My time not fine
On a dry tight dine
No food no house no clothes
I have no fuel for life
No one knows who I am
Then what would I have been

Who am I?
Yes who?
If sheep make no wool
that cover me like back of wood
If the trees
Provides me not the fruits for food
I would then be
like horse without hooves
running around in Beatles’ groove

Who would I be
if no bee makes no honey sweets
If I live in a house of no woods for roof
then no will fill my hole
my home losing hope
Who is this toothless man with meat
What is life without agriculture

I am Agriculture
My five fingers
Life, Food, Clothes, Shelter and Joy
are the fuel of earth
I am the beginning and end
I am the lord
I, I am Agriculture

Give your life to me
I’ll keep you in my hollow fingers
Follow me for earth treasure.
You’ll never need, if I’m your shepherd.
I, I am Agriculture

Who born who?
Where would who’d been
I, I am Agriculture!



We’ve come together at your feet
Oh valentine’s day, we come at thy feet
Today in a holy feast
We’re here together for feast
Oh a day we’ve come.

This valentine is holy
Not to sell my whole in a hole of a whorl

Amara’s back must rock the bed
Tunde’s money shows the hand
Mark and Mary
This is not Valentine
Do not give your whole to the whorl
This Valentine is Holy

I am valentine
So I love you like I love you
I share my heart with the earth
I am valentine
This Valentine is holy