Date: 21 December, 2015.
Code: TC101
Day One

Good Morning!
Welcome to the world of Responsibility.

A new week is before us and one of the surest ways to maximize this week is to take responsibility for our actions and inactions, for the now and foreseeable future.

As we begin the series today, I’ll like to tell us even of we might have heard it a million times before that there is a FUTURE, and it is that of glee that awaits if only we are willing and ready to pay the price.

Highly revered Nigerian speaker cum coach, Fela Durotoye defined the FUTURE as ‘everything we can be but have not yet become and everything we can do but have not yet done’.

Not to bore us. If we are to feature in the FUTURE we so desire, I put forward a first-time charge this morning.

VISUALISE what you want to achieve in YOUR FUTURE, that is to say see YOURself doing those things you would wish to do now but have not done yet. See YOURself as that person you dream of becoming but have not yet become.


Take one step further. Reason what the motive behind that FUTURE you want is. What would you do with those resources, time and influence that’d be at your disposal as accompaniment of achieving your set goals.

If to flaunt and call for fanfare is your ultimate desire, then your appetite is really easily satiable. That FUTURE might even be killed in the embryo because as much fanfare would have accompanied the conception of the dreams. Remember, ‘the resources and awards are a testament of your effectiveness over time and are not effectiveness in themselves’. (Olakunle Soriyan)

So, know what you really want!

Finally, having imagined the FUTURE, channel your energy in the right direction, unreservedly towards achieving that FUTURE remembering always that you don’t make a world-class social commentator by listening to Sports Radio all day long, you’d rather make a world-class sports commentator.

Enjoy the rest of the week in style.
Let’s do it again next week.

Ruminate on these things.

To your success,
OKEYALE, Azeez Akorede.
Communications Coach

Join me Shobande M. Damilola (MATTYDAMMY) in celebrating a beautiful darling, a friend, a gem and My Firstlady, Miss ADENIKE ADEMARY ADEKUNLE (07033031686) as she celebrates her birthday today 21 December, 2015. (Please send a message or call her for me)