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“We all live now but our today makes tomorrow”.

“Whatever we think or do today is the determinant of the colour of our sky tomorrow”.

Setting a goal for the future is the greatest requirement for a brighter tomorrow. “A man who wants to build a tower, won’t he first sit down and plan”. a plan for the day ahead is required of everyone, “for he who fails to plan has successfully planned to fail”. You have to sit and draw out your purpose and future goals.

Future Goal Foundation is a non-profit/non-governmental organization that is set up with the interest of having a better world through developmental teaching, support and sponsorship.
Our world is filled with people who have not been able to define life, confused, hearthroden and disappointed. Only about 5 percent of the world population have lived a fulfilled life, only 20 percent are in power and leading the remaining 80 percent in our world (Pareto principle). These people have been able to uncover the hidden treasure of life, with the larger percentage of the world population living a disappointed life with poverty, lack and disease.
Future Goal Foundation has taken upon itself the role of enlightening and orientating people (especially the youth) on the key factors in setting goals, accomplishing the goals and building a fulfilled and successful future.
The organization aims at helping people in:
1) Setting the goals
2) Building up the goals
3) Sponsoring the goals
4) Making the world a better place for everyone.

“I will change one, one will change two until we have the world we crave” S.M Damilola.
The approach/pattern of activity in which the organisation operates is through teaching, encouraging and sponsorship of dreams and goals.

The organisation organises training seminars that are future building oriented, thereby teaching people on the best ways to achieve a successful tomorrow.
The seminars are been conducted in and for academics and non-academics institutions.

Training doesn’t end with teaching but continues with encouraging application at what has been learnt.
The organization has a laid down goal to follow-up (in her ability) and give advice to those who are influenced by the teachings and are ready to build and workhard toward a beautiful and successful future.
The follow-up plan includes close relationship with the people and trying to know about them (their families,desire, strenght and weaknesses, potentials and challenges).
This will place the organisation in the heart of people as human builder.

To those who are serious and purpose driven, those who are able to set a specific, measurable, achievable, reliable and time-bound (SMART) future goals, a sponsorship programme will be provided for them.
It has been discoverd that one of the dream killers of our age is “Money” (but not money). In our research we have found out that lots of potential, zeal, strenght has been turned cold with the lack of financial help. So many businesses and careers that would have change the world for better were never started due to lack of money.
It is said that the graveyard is the richest place in the world because there are so many ideas, potentials and strenght buried in there. Future goal foundation is rising to face the challenges by providing financial help to the purpose driven ones.
The sponsorship programme will not only end with money, but will also cut across trainings (both technical and educational training), tour and travels, health and relationship. The sponsorship programme is unbiased and according to the level of the passion for greatness discovered in each individuals.

Future Goal Foundation is an organisation where capable individuals and human resource personnels work voluntarily for the development and growth of the society, changing the world to a better place.
Working with the group entails writing, public speaking, mentorshiping, coaching and sponsorship (materials and financial).

It is the plan of the organisation to run a free training college, which in the years to come will be able to award National Diploma in various vocational and technical disciplines.
The college will run as a technical institution, thereby providing technical (entreprenueral) training (to those who want to go into technical works) and business and leadership training.
The college will help in teaching and helping participant to build a successful career in their chosen field.

Mass Media
As the work of the organisation grows, it will be required of us to reach more people. In this case, mass media (T.V, Radio, etc) will be highly needed to do the work of training people for a better life.

Our world had seen several great men but more great men are yet to be seen and many more are yet to be born. Therefore, it is the work of everyone to help our world become home for the great. Let us all put our heart in building a better tomorrow which will make our world a better place.

“I will change one, one will change two until we have the world we crave” S.M Damilola.

SHOBANDE, Matthew Damilola